About GAAD

Guido DelgadGuidoo is the President and CEO of Emerging Power Inc. (EPI), a Philippine-based company mainly involved in renewable energy development. EPI is a subsidiary of Nickel Asia Corporation (NAC), one of the Philippines largest mining firms.

EPI is building a portfolio of RE assets, and currently has four subsidiaries: Biliran Geothermal, Inc. (BGI), Jobin-SQM, Inc. (JSI), Manta Energy, Inc. (MEI), and Mindoro Geothermal Power Corporation (MGPC).

He is the Chairman of GAA Delgado Inc., a firm that provides advisory services in power and energy sectors and develops renewable energy products.

Born and raised in Mindanao, Guido is currently the President of Southern Philippine College, one of the leading private co-educational institutions based in Cagayan de Oro City.

Also referred to many as GAAD, Guido was the President of National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR) from 1994 to 1998, improving the power situation in the country by implementing various programs and projects.

Under his watch, NAPOCOR completed crucial power plant and transmission projects such as the Pagbilao & Sual Coal Plants, Masinloc Coal Plant, and Leyte Geothermal Associated Lines, to name a few.

Guido also headed the Mindanao Development Bank for almost a decade.

He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from the University of the Philippines where he graduated Cum laude as well as a Master’s degree in Management Science from the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom.

4 thoughts on “About GAAD

  1. Dear Brod Guido,

    Congratulations to your company and alternative energy endeavors and to the third National Commander of the UP Vanguard Inc. from UP Los Banos ROTC!. We are all behind you in your leadership challenge at the helm of our beloved fraternity of Vanguards. Please be guided always by the shibolleths of Duty, Honor, Country in all our dealings in life.

    All the best and more power to you, your family and business and the UP Vanguard Inc.

    Pabs Villegas ’69


    • Brod:
      It’s almost a year and my apologies for not having responded earlier. Thank you for your thoughts…
      Duty, Honor Country!


  2. Guido, Appreciate your insightful blog which shares your in-depth experience & unique perspective. I’m one of the few FDI Investors from the Silicon Valley committed with personal capital into building renewable energy projects involving small ror hydro plants which are enviro-friendly, low cost and fast to build as we have proven our economics & timelines thru our Pilot Plant in Negros. Welcome the opportunity to engage dialogue and invite your visit to Bacalod, Negros nearby to our Project Series to meet Management & see our distinct project sites & design which have been validated by Teir 1 Utilities and NGOs such as IFC Worldbank.


    Mike Draper
    VP Corporate Development
    Hydrotec Renewables: http://www.hydrotecrenewables.com


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